KCMI – Getting Started





Step 1 – Fill out the online application and submit it to KCMI.

Step 2- A representative of KCMI will contact you within 24 hours of receipt of your application and the non-dosclosure.

Step 3- KCMI will schedule a meeting with your representative to review your application and mission statement. After the review and answering your questions KCMI asks for a signed Letter of Intent (LOI) before moving to the next level of engagement. Upon receipt of the LOI, you will be given an Affiliate agreement to be reviewed and signed by the appropriate officers of your Board of Directors.

Step 4 – Submit the Affiliate Agreement along with the your non-refundable administrative fee to KCMI.

Step 5- Your organization will be set up under the group exemption of KCMI and you will receive your organizations tax-exempt number.