Erika Gopffarth: Ken Cromeans’ Granddaughter – The Future Leader of KCMI

IMG_0436 Erika has demonstrated a heart for missions for quite some time.  She was diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of 7 years old and throughout her elementary years was often exposed to teasing and bullying at school.  This situation was particularly true when our family moved to Hong Kong during her 4th grade year.  Erika was severely bullied and ostracized by classmates.  I mention these things, because as painful as the experiences were for her, she turned them over to the Lord and found strength to forgive and a tremendous heart to serve others, especially those who are downcasts.

We returned to Keller, Texas, her 5th grade year and she quickly began volunteering at Haven’s Horses.  This is an equestrian therapy program that serves special needs children and Erika was the youngest volunteer in their program.  In 8th grade, she was selected to participate in the Peer Assisted Leadership Skills program at her middle school.  That same year her youth program, Elevate through Milestone Church, was involved with a mission project to raise money to build orphanages in India.  Erika was the top fund raiser for this project, raising over $4000 and was awarded a free trip to India for the grand opening of the two orphanages that Elevate was able to build for 100 children.

This year, Erika has been invited to participate in a 9-day student leadership/mission trip to Trinidad.  This trip is through C3 Student Leadership, a non-profit organization that is actively involved in local school districts and is based through Milestone Church.  C3 has developed a student leadership curriculum that the group is trained on nightly, they are then given the first-hand opportunity to utilize these skills immediately.  Their goal is to train and equip student leaders to impact their schools and community.  Contributions for this trip can be made through Ken Cromeans Ministry, Inc. and will be tax deductible.

Cherie Gopffarth, M.Ed.